Intention #1: Start Now

As I write this, it’s around 10:15 pm, Eastern time. I’ve just been doing some freelance writing to make some money, and I wanted to take a break. I just bought Jonathan Mead’s course on productivity (get it here and name your own price), and as a bonus he sent a copy of his old productivity product, “The Dojo.

When I saw this, I smiled. I bought The Dojo back four or five years ago… but I never got past Chapter 1. All of a sudden,  the reminder flooded back to me. Today was going to be the first day of my 100 Day Intention Challenge.

For the next 100 days, I am going to focus on how I can use the magical power if intention in my life to create extraordinary change, growth, improvement, maturity, and fulfillment

As I sat on my comfy chair, the thought flashed through my mind – “I can start it tomorrow.”

But then I realized that putting it off was exactly the problem. Everything that’s awesome gets put on the backburner so much of the time. How many incredible ideas, concepts, theories, plans did you have that you didn’t implement because you thought you’d get to them later, and then life in the present moment caught you and next thing you knew, you were flowing downstream, just struggling to keep up with Now

There is no tomorrow. It doesn’t exist. There is no later. There’s only now, always. It’s always Now. Welcome back.

So my first intention on this 100 Day Intention Challenge is to START NOW. The only thing to put off until later is procrastination. It’s time to get amazing results. To take massive action. To lead yourself. To be your own “life coach”.

What have you been putting off that you know could serve yourself and the world in powerful, exciting, unpredictable, even magical ways?

What is that one idea that burst from within your soul, that you somehow forgot to attach importance to?

Whatever it is, you need to give that gift to the world. The world needs people who have incredible ideas, and then execute on them. Ideas are nothing without execution. And execution, implementation, etc., only happens Now.

So don’t wait another moment. Start Now.




Tasteful Triplets

Tree trunks, coffee shops, and book covers.

Table tops, shoe laces, and kisses.

Sun tans, satchels, and rain-jackets.

Notebooks, pens, and whisky.

Dreadlocks, sweater vests, and jacuzzis.

Bathing suits, dress pants, and caterpillars.

Paintbrushes, eye glasses, and ice cream cones.

Love notes, art work, and Thanksgiving.

Democracy, stop signs, and the Heidelberg Project.

Fairy lights, cabernet, and dark chocolate.

Co-ops, bananas, and playing cards.

Peach tea, earrings, and candles.

Pencils, paper, and hair ties.

Universities, stadiums, and archery.

Vegan muffins, hoodies, and social justice.

Free speech, road trips, and Rumi.

Tip jars, golf clubs, and Tarzan.

Body language, sex, and running water.

Cashmere, thread counts, and light bulbs.

Hockey sticks, apple orchards, and business cards.

Nail polish, allegory, and poetry.

Bicycles, dragonflies, and golden tattoos.

Birth, privacy, and an umbilical cord.

Socks with holes for each toe, screen printing, and creativity.

Tents, IPAs, and English commas.

Skyscrapers, Boo Radley’s place, and hardwood floors.

Ski lifts, fire places, and hot cocoa.

Mozart, Persian rugs, and cargo pants.

Time pieces, mason jars, and bath water.

Norah Jones, New York City, and Kalamata olives.

Rosé, stripes, and polka dot summer dresses.

These are the things that one contemplates, when one puts away one’s laptop and iPhone.

The Heart of America

Our heart expresses herself through cookouts and brews.
Sharing laughs and good-natured digs,
I ask you about your family.
We toss a football and know that it’s about love.

40,000 pack into the stadium.
A politician throws out the ceremonial first pitch.
Americans tolerate the politicians,
Because we, the people, know it’s worth it.

“I’ll take the P226R Sig Sauer, sir.”
Says the boy at the gun shop.
He purchases 200 bullets, and empties
Clips into a target. A free man.

At the dead of night, a team of men called SEALS
Move into position. Time to clear another property.
A helicopter crashes. No problem.
Shots fired, photos taken. We just got UBL.

Thousands gather in Central Park.
Enough with the rich’s control over our world.
They Occupy a park, and Occupy the
Heart of a Nation. Protests make us stronger.

An assembly line cranks out another vehicle.
Men build engines and prosperity with each
Crank of the wrench.
Built in America, for Americans.

Our heart has been broken.
Twin towers collapsed in our fair city.
With resolve, America came together.
Let’s get those bastards.

On the TV screen, a man speaks Hope.
He captivates us, and speaks to our hearts.
And so we vote for him. Make him President.
A black man named Obama.

A boy in the 12th grade asks a girl to the dance.
They prepare their flowers and dresses.
And grind to music made for grown-ups.
Prom has never been more fun.

PTA. Parent teacher conferences.
The teacher explains the weak spots of the boy.
And the parents listen. For in public school,
The kid’s education matters.

After 4 long years, the girl receives the parchment.
A Bachelor of Arts. She’s now ready for the world.
Five figure debt be damned.
It’s time to kick some ass in the world of work.

In a garage, two men build a computer.
They launch a company – a story I’ve heard before.
And in the process change the world.
Microsoft. Apple. Google. All American.

Beer. Sports. Marriage. Politics. Music.
Freedom. Military. Sex. Family Values.
Fast Cars. Beautiful Women. California.
Midwest. NYC. NASA. An American Passport.

In the heart of America, love prevails over
Pain and fear. She has been broken and battered,
But still she prevails. The heart of America is
Strong. And with a side of bacon, she’ll be full, too.

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